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Gobstyks 25th Anniversary

On the 24th September 2022 Gobstyks will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary going all the way back to 1997 when we were first opened by Gary James at part of a Games Workshop project to create community based gaming clubs.

We will be celebrating with a full day of games and celebrations inviting local gamers, past members and people involved in the gaming community from throughout the years to come and meet, chat and game and maybe even share anecdotes of games gone by.


All are welcome to come and celebrate with us from 9.30am - 6.00pm at our regular venue, details can be found on our find us page.

Below are some pictures from our past club night and events.

Silver Anniversay.png

Earl Squigglesworth

The Gobstyks Mascot has gone through several incarnations, some have been lost to time, but originally the Squig was chosen as the club mascot to bounce over the G in Gobstyks and can still be seen on some older Gobstyks dice, but these are quite rare now.

We also ran a club competition to give the Squig a name back in 2019, and the winning name suggested by club member Sharon Dodd, was Earl Squigglesworth, this current incarnation of Earl was designed and drawn by club member Adam Calver, who is best known for his amazing Grot Rebel army, which has been showcased at the Games Workshop Museum.

Past Presidents

Over the past 25 years Gobstyks has had some amazing leaders who have navigated the club through difficult and good times and ensured that all members have been able to play their favourite games in a great environment.

From the top left: 
Gary James
Chris Simmons
Will Platten
Anna Delafield

Tony Burgess & Mike Purvis (Joint Presidents)

It's thanks to these individuals and a whole of past executive members that Gobstyks has been going strong for all these years.

will rhino.jpg
Mike and Tony.jpg

Club Tournaments

Gobstyks in well known for it's competitive but friendly nature, we run club tournament and leagues that are aimed at giving games a competitive edge with awards and trophies.  We have also held a number of tournaments at Gobstyks, and have had a travel team who attend competitions, inter-club challenges and tournaments under the Gobstyks banner.

Previous competitions have included:
40k Karnage Kup
WHFB Karnange Kup
Blood Bowl Gobtykup
The Ironman Competition

Guild Ball Super League

Dreadball League

X-Wing Karnage Kup
Dungeon & Dragons Key to the Dungeon (Our most recent tournament)

Supporting Mental Health

During the Covid Pandemic it became apparent that some Gobstyks members have struggled with mental health issues and Gobstyks had become part of their coping mechanism and when we reviewed our past membership it became apparent that this had been the case for a lot of members over the years.

The decision was made to bid for funding to ensure that we could continue to provide for all of our members, with a particular focus on those struggling and anyone that may face issues in the future, while looking to actively promote how Wargaming and Roleplaying can support people in the future.

Gobstyks now attends events and has become part of the Mental Health Network for Lincolnshire and continues to work with supporting mental health in Lincolnshire, in partnership with a number of charities and with Shine Lincolnshire.

Shine New.png
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