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About Us

"Gobstyks is more than just a club, it's part of who I am"

"I've been going to Gobstyks for longer than I can remember, it's my routine"

"I met my wife at Gobstyks, and now our son comes too"

"I was there at the start, and i'm still turning up each week."

"I only came in to use the toilets and now they wont let me leave"

Way back in 1997 Gobstyks was created in partnership with Games Workshop as part of their commitment at the time to support affiliated club with support and a paid staff member.  Gary James was the man tasked with bringing together a bunch of local gamers looking to get together once a week to play game, enjoy each others company and meet new people in the process.  Gobstyks was named as a combination of 'Goblin on a Styk' and has a unique place in the heart of the Gaming Community in Lincolnshire, and while not the oldest, we are one of the biggest and most attended.

Gobstyks became independent from Games Workshop just a short year after we were founded and has gone from strength to strength by being run by it's members to provide to gaming environment that gamers have wanted.

Right up to today Gobstyks is still member run, and currently the Executive Committee is 5 gamers from different gaming backgrounds who work as equal members with specific responsibilities.  

While we are primarily a club for playing games, it’s important that we act in a responsible manner and as such our committee structure and Executive have to follow certain obligations as with any social club or organisation.  

Current Structure

This will be our structure moving into 2021 and beyond

Executive (Company Captains)

Master of the Fleet (Treasurer)

Master of the Marches (Events)

Master of the Recruits (Membership)

Master of the Arsenal (Admin/Caretaker)

Master of the Signal (PR)

Non Executive Members with Specific Roles

These roles are for members who wish to be involved in the running of the club or enriching the gaming experience, without taking on the responsibilities of a committee member.

It in not necessary that all the positions are filled, and they might be filled by a committee member or even be a member across several of these roles.

Gobstyks 1st Company (Event Team/Travel Team)

Gobstyks 10th Company

Company Apothecary

Guild of Dungeon Masters

League Commissioners



Executive - Gobstyks Company Captains


Master of the Fleet


Master of the Marches

Andrew Dodd


Master of the Recruits

Jamie Elsander

Master of the Arsenal

Master of the Signal

Daniel Rogers



40K Warmaster

Jamie Elsander


Age of Sigmar Warmaster

Mick Lee


WarmaHordes Warmaster

Luke Gray

League Commissioners


Blood Bowl Commissioner

Ali Williams


Guild Ball Commissioner

Andrew Dodd

Dungeon Masters Guild


Dungeon Master

Sharon Dodd


Dungeon Master

Anna Delafield

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