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Gobstyks Blood Bowl League


Here is all the information on the current season of the Gobstykup and B Kup the two leagues run at Gobstyks, below you'll find fixtures, tables and also some information on our coaches and teams for this season.

History of the Gobstykup

The Gobstykup was created in 2002 in it's initial form as an open league with a play off at the end of the season.  The league ran for a number of years before finally fizzling out in 2010.

A New league format was created in 2011 by Septic Bladder, League Commissioner of the Gobstykup.  The league went so well that year that it was expanded and continued to grow, but this time the league was fixtured and had a structure so players knew who they were to be facing next and also they committed to playing for the full season. 


The B Kup was added in 2012 to the main league so regular players could get more games, and less regular player could still enjoy some one off competitive games without the commitment.  A play off was then introduced to the B Kup in 2015 along with the Star Player draft in 2016.

The last update to the B Kup came in 2017 when the decision was made to expand the amount of teams available by adding all the teams from the FUMBBL Secret League, which has been a huge success with veteran players enjoying a whole host of new teams to play with.

The Gobstykshield was introduced in 2017 as a playoff for those at the bottom of the league, giving them something to play for even if the season has not gone their way.

Finally the Karnage Kup was introduced in 2018, which was intended as a league but ended up as a knock out competition.  The intention for this tournament was to have highly rated teams with lots of skills to really test the coaches ability with advanced teams that are often not seen in league play at Gobstyks.

Additionally the Stunty Kup will be added in 2020 as a stand alone tournament, previously it has been awarded to the highest finishing Stunty team in the B Kup with no real continued record, this will now change for a Stunty only team tournament to start later this year as Covid restrictions has hindered the introduction of this tournament.

Previous winners:

Gobstykup Winners

2002 – Tim Pickers (Undead) Dinamo Kislev

2003 – Alister Williams (Wood Elf) Loren Losers

2004 – Will Platten (Lizardmen) Tlahuix Titans

2005 – Tim Pickers (Undead) Dinamo Kislev

2006 – Tim Hunter (Orcs) 

2007 – John Garton (Humans) 

2008 – No Final Played

2009 – No Final Played

2010 – No Final Played


Season 1 – 2011 – Will Platten (Skaven) Severed Paw

Season 2 – 2011/12 – Will Platten (Pro Elves) Branchester United

Season 3 – 2012 – Pete Delafield (Undead) Champions of Morte

Season 4 – 2013 – Darren Brodrick (Wood Elves) Got Wood

Season 5 – 2014 – Pete Delafield (Dwarf) Dwarves Something Alliterative

Season 6 – 2015 – Ali Williams (Lizardmen) Racing Salamander

Season 7 – 2016 – Jocelyn Croft (Darf Elf) Chill Sea

Season 8 – 2017 – Tim Hunter (Lizardmen) The InstaGators

Season 9 - 2018 - Jon Maynard (Lizardmen) Flaming Salamanders

Season 10 - 2019 - Ali Williams (Dark Elf) Moleicester City

Season 11 – 2020 – James Bean (Undead) Marrowbone Maulers

Season 12 – 2021 - Nick Kealy (Chaos Renegade) Gristle

Season 13 - 2022 - Nick Kealy (Dark Elves) Tigerwasps


Season 1 – 2012 – Ali Williams (Dark Elf) Moleicester City

Season 2 – 2013 – Shared Between Rory Bax + Chris Pymm (Nurgle + Goblins)

Season 3 – 2014 – Jocelyn Croft – Olympi-Kaos (Chaos Pact)

Season 4 – 2015 – Jon Maynard (Dwarf) Portly Stout

Season 5 – 2016 – Ali Williams (Dwarf) Fang United

Season 6 – 2017 – Jocelyn Croft (Chaos Dwarf) Lavapool

Season 7 - 2018 - Nick Kealy (Witch Elf) Bitch Witch Town

Season 8 - 2019 - Jon Maynard (Chaos Dwarf) Lammasu Lakers

Season 9 – 2020 – Ali Williams (Von Carstein) Von Carsenal

Season 10 - 2021 - James Bean (Tzeentch Demon) Chosen of Bob

Season 11 - 2022 - Ali Williams (Khorne) Krampus 8

Season 12 - 2023 - Ali Williams (Dark Elves) Breast Homage Albion


Season 1 – 2017 – Simon Miller (Skaven)

Season 2 - 2018 - Nick Kealey (Chaos Pact) Awkward Raiders

Season 3 - 2019 - Andy Thompson (Dwarf) To Dwarf or not to Dwarf

Season 4 – 2020 – Andy Thompson (Orks) New Orc Giants

Season 5 – 2021 – Rai Williams (Dwarf) Cold Chesthair United

Season 6 – 2022 – Rai Williams (Khorne) Bashton Killa


Season 1 – 2018 – Ali Williams – (Half-Orc) LA Waaghers

Season 2 - 2019 - James Bean - (Chaos) Blitzkrieg

Season 3 – 2021 – James Bean – (Awarded at Harvestfestiball)

Meet The Coaches


Chris Toyne

Gobstykup Team : Witham Waargh - Black Orcs

Scott McFall

Gobstykup Team : The Wee Drams - Dwarf


Mark Waterworth

Gobstykup Team : Ratted Owt - Skaven


Round 1

Gobstyk (Andy) v Darren

Jim v John

Ali v Mark

Rai v Chris

Nick v Jamie

Scott v Andy

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