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Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Ok, so it's not for Mordor, but it is an Army for Gobstyks.

Gobstyks Legend, former President, First Company Veteran and all round top bloke Will Platten (See the post on MIA - Will Platten for more info on him) agreed to build and paint the first Gobstyks 40k Army.

The idea of a Gobstyks army came out of a bid for funding to support people and our members who struggle with their mental health. 40k is a great game for helping people to take step out of their daily lives and escape to a fantasy world where they can face demons, aliens and evil forces and be the saviour of humanity. However as the hobby can be expensive to pick up a full force off the bat, this army was created so we can teach and guide people through the hobby with an army they can use at Gobstyks to learn the rules and how the game is played while they build their own forces at home.

This is a diary of Will's progress and he builds and paints the army, and it also can work as a guide for anyone that also wants to learn from a true master of the hobby, with over 20 years experience and creator of some amazing armies Will takes you through the process from opening the first box, to finishing the final miniature.

Week 1

Building the first combat patrol and 2 boxes of Bladeguard Veterans

Week 2 - Continuing to build and then undercoat

Keep checking back for future updates.

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