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Members Armies - Matt's Flesh Tearers

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Matt C shares with us his excellent and blood thirsty Flesh Tearers

I began collecting the Flesh Tearers for a few reasons. Firstly, I really wanted a Space Marines army which wasn't from a regularly seen Chapter. I'd started forming a Mortifactors Phobos force and that is a labour of love from a painting point of view, but is quite time consuming. I really wanted a simple colour scheme, and a narratively interesting story.

“Enter the Flesh Tearers. Like the Blood Angels, but even angrier!.”

I began during the first lockdown with a Tactical Squad and Lieutenant with jump pack. The army swiftly grew with more units until I finished up with around 6000 points. The force is Assault and Death Company heavy, to reflect the high number of Flesh Tearers that fall to the Black Rage. The composition also reflect the Chapter Master, Gabriel Seth, distrust of Primaris marines. Therefore my army is mainly composed of first born, with a few Primaris units.

Army Pictures

I am particularly proud of my Gabriel Seth model. Kit bashed from the finecast Seth model, and the new Ragnar Blackmane, I wanted a dynamic pose for him without losing the details that make him who he is. Quite a lot of greenstuff work and patience resulted in, what I think, a good representation. Admittedly he is built from a Primaris model (which I don't think Seth would approve of) but the fine cast model was too old and uninteresting for me.

If anyone wants more info I am happy to answer any questions..

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1 Comment

Great army and a fantastic paint job!!! Well done Matt

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