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Gobstyks Roleplay Library

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

A Collection of Roleplay Books to use at Gobstyks

Thanks to funding from the Lincolnshire Managed Care Network for Mental Health Gobstyks has now started a Library of role playing books for new and existing members to use on club nights.

“The books needed for role playing can be an expensive prospect for new players, the Gobstyks Library can help with D&D 5e books available to use on club nights.”

With 8 books available members can access a range of resources including the Members Handbook, the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Masters Guide, as well as campaign books on hand for Dungeon Masters to use to run games when they may not own the book themselves.

In order to use the books you can ask on club nights or speak to our Dungeon Masters Guild Members for more details, the books can only be used at Gobstyks ao that they are always available.

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