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Member Focus - Sharon Dodd

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Gobstyks Dungeons Masters Guild member and 1st Company Veteran Sharon Dodd talks all things Role Play

We catch up with Sharon and ask her a few things about her Role Play group at Gobstyks and discover a little bit more about the lady behind the DM screen

“Never trust a smiling DM!.”

When did you join Gobstyks?

I joined Gobstyks in September 2009, when I moved to Lincoln for uni.

Which campaign are you currently running at Gobstyks?

I am currently running a legend of the five rings campaign set during the time of the hidden emperor.

What's your best memory while roleplaying?

All of my favorite memories about roleplay, particularly as a gm are watching players who I have seen learn the game, grow to a point where for a brief moment they have done something that is brilliant and has caught me by surprise.

Which character do you prefer to use?

My favourite characters are usually down the rogue path, but given the 27 years of roleplay experience I have, I can play most things.

Where would you say your alignment sits on the D&D scale?

Most of the time my alignment sits of the neutral good side, but will shift dependant on the character or campaign I am running.

What other games do you play?

I play Magic: the gathering, and have done so since 1993.

Outside of gaming what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I am an avid video gamer, reader, live action roleplayers, I can also dressmake, knit and crochet.

What would your party expect to find in a campaign that you run?

My party should expect to find intricately woven plot lines, as well as twist they won't see coming until its to late.

And that's just a little insight into Sharon and how she runs things, for more information on Role Playing at Gobstyks you can head to our Facebook page.

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