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MIA - Will Platten

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We catch up with former Gobstyks El-Presidente Will and find out what he's been up to.

When did you first attend Gobstyks?

It must have been in the first year of Gobstyks opening, I had just come back from university and had that hobby itch, to paint and play games.

What systems did you play?

Back in the day it was mainly 40k and Bloodbowl, with a little bit of Warhammer. Over the years I have prettty much had a go at most fantasy/scifi type table top games. I have stayed away from the historical table top games as they are "real" and a bit too close to home to "play" with. Nothing wrong with the games, just a personal choice.

Tell us some of your Gobstyks titles

I have done my time as Events coordinator and later as Chairman for a number of years. My passion to keep the club going was a deciding factor in stepping up and mucking in with running things.

What would you say members would remember about you?

The guy that build a lot of the terrain for the club, taking the lead from Gary James' book, who got me started on scenery building all those years ago! Does "Area 52" still exist? Easy going, "nice to play against" maybe? I never had that killer list or no mercy temperament that would see my crush all opponents before me, but I knew how to put up a fight and have a good game.

Bloodbowl is where I had most "luck", I think I am the only coach to win the "Gobstykup" 3 years in a row. Not sure how I would fair with the latest rules though! Perhaps it's time for an exhibition game some time soon.

Are you still in the hobby, and if so what projects are you working on?

I am still chipping away at my painting "pile of shame". The quality of models being produced today as absolutely spectacular. Of late I have been building a full tables worth of the newish Mechanicus terrain. Will post some pics when everything is done. The new edition of Titanicus 3 years ago was fantastic and my Titan legion continues to grow.

What are you up to now?

I am still in Lincoln working from home mostly, but based officially in Nottingham. The office (once a week for the moment, curse you pandemic) is 24 minutes walk from Warhammer world, so I suspect many trips to check out what's new and spending some time in Bugman's bar on a Friday are on the cards.

Will members see you at Gobstyks again in the future?

I hope so, it will be nice to get back in and catch up with "the gang", you never know I might even bring an army/team to play some games. Keep up the good work and the "merch". At the very least I need to come and pick up my new Gobstyks football shirt.

If you had to keep one miniature from your collection, which would it be?

Keep one! I've kept them all up until now! (So many boxes!) There are lots of great memories connected to some, the Eldar Phantom titan I gave up drinking coffee for a year to pay for! My various and numerous converted BloodBowl teams. When people ask me what army I collect, I list the handful I don't have, as it's quicker. (eg Dark Eldar, Tau and Harlequins for 40k) But, if I really had to choose one, it would be my very first model I bought from Gobbo Games, in the minimarket in the 80's, a GW metal scopion. It's painted with enamel paints, stuck together with Araldite two part epoxy glue and reminds me of the Ray Harryhausen stop motion films from back in the day.

Thanks to Will for taking the time to catch us all up with what he's doing, and lets hope that we will see him lining up his miniatures in the future at Gobstyks.

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