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2020 Gobstykup Delayed Final

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Due to Covid Lockdowns the 2020 season finished in the second half of 2021, here's what happened

In the run up to the final the two semi finals were very evenly matched with Gareth's Skaven taking on Ali's Bretonians and Jim's Undead playing Darrens Lizardmen.

“The Skaven eased past the Bretonians to make the final, while the other semi went to extra time with the Undead taking the spot in the final.”

The final lined up with a mouth watering tie as Gareth's Rat Pack Packers took on Jim's Marrowbone Maulers.

The Final

The final started quickly for the Skaven as expected with the gutter runners causing the Undead trouble early on. The Maulers however stuck to their plan of battering the rats on the line. With Gareth going into the second half with the score in his favour the injury box was starting to fill up, a couple of failed knock out rolls left the rats lining up with 7 player. It unfortunately for the Packers became a game of strength in numbers and the rats just didn't have enough and the Undead were able to stroll through the second half to give Jim his first Gobstykup win.

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