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Members Team - Ali's Squirtle Team

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Ali's counts as Black Orc team with a Squirtle Evolution theme

We asked Ali all about his Black Orc team

“I'd made several Pokemon themed teams and this was one that I really enjoyed painting.”

When I decided to make a Squitle themed team, I thought about the evolutions and what positions I could make them. I settled with Black Orcs as a new race to the game and went with Squirtle as the Goblins so they would be the basic players and then each evolution would be the next best positional player, so the Wartortle was the Black Orc and the Blastoise as the Troll. I also made a special player to represent a star player, so in this team it was Varag Ghoul Chewer

Squirtle - Goblins

The biggest challenge was finding the STL files for printing, so after searching for several different types I was able to have lots of different poses, and I think they really capture the character of the Goblins

Wartortle - Black Orcs

While the miniatures are slightly smaller than the official Black Orcs they make up for it with the fluff of the Pokémon, so as the next stage of evolution they fit nicely into this team and I was able to get several different positions to give them each their own personality on the pitch

Blastoise - Troll

And then there was the big guy himself, as one of my favourite Pokémon I was really happy that he fit the role in the team, and the file I found for him was perfect, I felt that the Blastoise itself makes a great centre piece on the pitch too.

Buff Squirtle - Varag Ghoul Chewer

I loved this miniature as soon as I saw the file and I had to make him into a star player, feeling like Varag would be the most appropriate for him as he looks like he could chew on ghouls and anything else that gets in his way.

In the future I am looking to make some more tokens and star players once I find the right files, the squirtle with the sun glasses might be changed slightly so he can become a star Goblin, and I might look for a different posed Blastoise or even the VMax or Mega Blastoise to use as Ripper Balgrot.

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