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Gobstyks Harvest Festibowl

The Festibowl returns for 2021 with a one day NAF Sanctioned Blood Bowl Tournament

"Now with NAF Sanctioning so remember to submit your NAF Numbers if you have them"


Doors Open 9:30am ...

9:30am – 9:45: Registration

10:00am - 12:30pm– 1st Round

12:30pm - 13:00pm - Lunch

13:00pm – 15:30pm – 2nd Round

16:00pm - 18:30pm – 3rd Round

19:00pm Tea and Medals.


** Room Rules **

No Alcohol is allowed on the premises it’s a church hall.

A Bin bag will be provided for rubbish.

Teams don’t have to be painted, but players must be identified by their position or skills.

Please bring your own team and dice, if possible a pitch.

Please bring 2 copies of your roster and have your NAF details available to you to

help speed up the registration process.

Douchebags are not permitted, so please be polite and enjoy the games, rules questions will be dealt with by the Assistant Ref document provided or to the tournament Ref who’s decision is final!

No one likes taking a beating, but if you do get your ass handed to you take it on the chin.

Da rules!

Rulebook used is the NEW BB2020 RULES!!!


TV will be based on tiers in the 2020 rule book:

Tier 1 will have 1,200,000 Gold

Tier 2 will have 1,300,000 Gold

Tier 3 will have 1,400,000 Gold

Only teams listed in the Core Rules and the Teams of Legend PDF will be allowed

and rosters NAF has provided updated rosters for, Khorne and Slann

Teams will be built to not exceed the above values, including all skills,

upgrades, players, inducements and team goods.

1 Star Player may be induced after the team has 11 rostered players, and only Star

Players listed in the 2020 Rule Book and Spike 11

All skills will be purchased as selected skills (no random skills for cheaper),

stat upgrades are allowed. No player may have more than 2 upgrades.

Primary Skill: 20k

Secondary Skill: 40K

+1 AV: 10k

+1 MA or +1 PA: 20k

+1 AG: 40k

+1 ST: 80k

The Prayer to Nuffle table will NOT be used for TV variance.

Please send team sheets in word or excel format and email to before the 23rd October to be checked.

The first round will be pre drawn on the 29th October we plan on streaming this over the Gobstyks Instagram


The games will be scored using this point system stated below

30 - win

10 - draw

0 - loss

1 bonus point per TD scored up to a maximum of 3

1 bonus point per casualty up to a max of 3

Tie breakers -




Strength of schedule


1st place and tournament champion

2nd place and first loser

3rd place and most bitter

Last place and strongest player (holding up everyone else)

Stunty Cup (depending on entries)

Best Team (this replaces best painted as it acknowledges players who take time in making their teams with paint, conversions, and overall effort, but might not be the best at painting)


Cocked dice should be discussed with your opponent before it is picked up. As a general rule, if a dice can be placed on top of the face that is showing without falling off the dice is not cocked.

Round one Grudge Matches will be allowed, both players must request the grudge match separately.

Any questions should be addressed to the League Commissioner Septic Bladder who will respond or ignore depending on the size of the bribe.

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