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Member Focus - Chris Pymm

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Gobstyks 1st Company Veteran Chris Pymm tells us everything Warmahordes

Chris has been a long standing member of Gobstyks, so we thought we'd catch up with him and learn a little more

“Do you have people you'd like smashing to death with giant steam-powered war machines? The assorted mercenary forces available in your area can provide that service! Fighting for coin - because warjack upkeep isn't cheap.”

We asked Chris a few questions about himself and the games he plays.

Chris Pymm

When did you join Gobstyks?

It must be over ten years now, but I can't remember when exactly it was.

Which Faction are you currently using the most at Gobstyks?

Currently Cygnar, though I tend to cycle through the ones I own quite frequently.

What's your most memorable game at Gobstyks?

Tough to say. I think it was winning a small scale game on scenario having only killed one model, and that only got killed because I was half an inch too close to slam it out of the scoring zone.

Which Factions do you enjoy using the most?

Mercenaries are my heart and true love, as they have so much variety and different looks. They also have my very favourite warcaster, Ashylnn d'Elyse. She's a swashbuckling duelist who heads up the Llaelese Resistance fighting to free her homeland from the aggression of Khador – who I also play.

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently painting two units of Storm Lance heavy cavalry; soon they'll be ready to thunder across the battlefield riding down all that oppose them (hopefully).

What other games do you play?

Wargaming time is limited, so I really only get to play Warmachine. I have a bunch of Godtear, Malifaux, and Dropzone Commander that I'd like to get to play, should the time become available.

Outside of gaming what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I play and run role play games, currently D&D. I also do as much video gaming as I can fit in. I've got a bunch of pets who all need snuggles and care, which is very enjoyable. I'm fortunate enough to be working from home almost all the time, so I can have various film and TV on in the background to enjoy.

What will opponents expect to see when playing you?

Not everything being painted! I don't tend to follow the 'meta' lists that are popular online, simply brining whatever is amusing me at the moment. I try for clean and clear play throughout, making sure all the measurements and numbers are jointly agreed on.

So there you go, a few things about Chris and if you want to give him a game sometime, head over to our Facebook page to arrange a game at Gobstyks.

Some of Chris's collection can be seen here.

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