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Member Focus - Nick Kealy

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

A Member of our Blood Bowl Travel Team, we catch up with Nick

Nick had been playing Blood Bowl for many years before joining Gobsyks and brought his own brand of game style to the league, and by game style we mean his ability to roll a series of 1's when a 2+ would do.

“Nick's a veteran of many NAF Tournaments where his NAF name is Knowmad.”

We asked Nick a few questions about himself and the games he plays.

Nick Kealy - Knowmad

When did you join Gobstyks?

Early 2017, shortly after moving to Lincoln.

Which team are you currently using in the league?

Chaos Renegades, who are definitely reneging on their team duties!

What's your best finish in the Gobstykup?

I’ve won! Yes, I have been a winner and have won the Best of the Rest too.

Which teams do you prefer to use?

I love my Elves. I have a very attacking style of game play – much to the detriment of my defence. Sadly, the new iteration of Blood Bowl has rather destroyed my preferred game style. So, I am still trying to find what will work….if anything.

What are you currently working on?

Definitely trying to find a way to roll dice sufficiently well to actually break armour. Painting-wise, there’s just a few Dwarves to finish. No hurry for that!

What other games do you play?


Online, I am very addicted to City of Heroes (an MMORPG). I also write extensively for 3 Wrestling E-Feds as well participating in two online D&D games. (One is a bespoke Homebrew system. The other is Pathfinder 1.) Both of which are, in my humble opinion, infinitely superior to D&D5. I run the occasional game myself, typically alternating between Pathfinder and GURPS.

I’ve recently got into Rumbleslam; so need to enhance my knowledge of that game too.

Outside of gaming what other hobbies do you enjoy?

I do some drawing, reading, gardening, have high maintenance cats and low maintenance fish. Most days I will train in some fashion, be that weights, CV, Yoga or circuits.

I also enjoy watching American Football, Rugby and Cricket

What opponents expect to see when playing Knowmad in an NAF Tournament?

1’s. Lots of 1’s.

So there you go, a few things about Nick and if you want to give him a game sometime, head over to our Facebook page to arrange a game at Gobstyks.

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